St. Petersburg Quaker Meeting

History of Activities

First Month -January, 2017 

Jan. 21 Women’s March


Second Month -February, 2017

Feb. 10-11 Edward Larrabee Clerking Workshop

Third Month-March

Mar. 8 International Women’s Day  RESIST: Giant

Human Letters &candlelight service, St. Pete Beach


Fourth Month-April, 2017

April 12-16 Southeast Yearly Meeting Gathering

 Quaker Meetings in Florida plus others in the SE

April 22 Earth Day: Tree of Life 

April 29 Annual garage and bake sale 

Sixth Month - June, 2017

Jun.3 Moms Demand Sensible Gun Laws: Giant

Human Peace Sign and drone, table & postcards

Jun.16 Gay Pride Parade Jun.17 Pride Quaker table  

Seventh Month-July, 2017

July 20 LWV silent auction, interactive art

installation and postcard writing campaign


Ninth Month - September, 2017

Sept.30 Quarterly Gathering with Laughter Yoga

 Tenth Month - October, 2017

Oct. 15 Gulfport Family Day table: Mask-making and Family Tree of all Life

Oct.14, 21, 28 Nov.4  Tables at Sat. Morning Market

advertising Circus McGurkis, selling

Circus T-Shirts, buttons and bumper stickers


Eleventh Month November, 2017

Nov. 11  Circus McGurkis the People’s Peace and Justice Fair

Twelfth Month - December, 2017

Dec. 3 and 4 Wreath Making Workshop and Sale