St. Petersburg Quaker Meeting

Coming Events Calendar 2018

Every Month:

  • Meeting for Worship (10:30-11:30 AM),
  • Announcements (11:30-noon)
  • Socializing (noon-12:30 PM)

Program following Socializing (generally 12:30 -2:00PM): 

  1. First Sunday: Committee Meetings
  2. Second Sunday: Quaker Education (2018: Discussion of history and practices compiled in the Quaker Guidebook, Faith and Practice
  3. Third Sunday: Meeting for Worship with a concern for Business 
  4. Fourth Sunday: Potluck
  5. Fifth Sunday: Special events  

First Month -January 

Dec.1- Jan.14 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day of

Service Food Pantry Drop-off Site; partnership with

Everyday Heroes Project –bring non-perishables  

Jan. 11 2nd Thursday Quaker Café (dinner 6:00 PM) Women’s and Men’s Group Meetings (7 -8:30 PM)  Theme: Gratitude

Jan. 15  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade 

Jan.  21    Women’s March Rally in Williams Park

Quaker table—distribute  literature on Quakers,

Women’s Rights and  Non-Violence;  make posters  

Second Month -February 

Feb 2 and 3 St. Petersburg Meeting is hosting the

Friends General Conference Executive Committee.

All welcome to the Friday  evening program.

Feb. 8   2nd Thursday Quaker Café (dinner 6:00 PM )  Women’s and Men’s Group Meetings (7-8:30 PM)

Theme: Love- bring poetry to share

Feb.13 Coalition Against Gun Violence Night 6:30 PM Allendale United Methodist Church 3803 Haines Rd N    Quakers sharing table with League of Women Voters literature about Quakers, guns  and non-violence,             postcard writing about upcoming legislation

Third Month -March

March 8  International Women’s Day action

2nd Thursday Quaker Café (dinner 6 PM ) Women’s  

& Men’s Group Meetings (7-8:30 P M) Theme: TBA

March 17 Quarterly Meeting

Gathering of Tampa, St Petersburg, Sarasota,

Clearwater and Lake Wales Meetings

March 28-Apr. 1 Southeast Yearly Meeting

Gathering of Quakers in FL plus others in the SE

Fifth Month - May

Date TBA Earth Day table & interactive art project

Sixth Month - June

Date TBA Pride March and table

Eleventh Month – November-

Date TBA Circus McGurkis