Archived Activities 2019



8:30 AM-2:00 PM

Friends Meeting House (Quakers)

Inside Sale and Public Rest Rooms

DONATE any still sellable leftovers from your yard sale to benefit the Quakers’  work for peace and justice. 

We will pick up your “stuff” and include it in our sale  727-867-3933

Archived Activities 2018

Archived Activities 2017

Jan. 21 Women’s March

Second Month -February, 2017

Feb. 10-11 Edward Larrabee Clerking Workshop

Third Month-March

Mar. 8 International Women’s Day  RESIST: Giant

Human Letters &candlelight service, St. Pete Beach

Fourth Month-April, 2017

April 12-16 Southeast Yearly Meeting Gathering

 Quaker Meetings in Florida plus others in the SE

April 22 Earth Day: Tree of Life 

Sixth Month - June, 2017

Jun.3 Moms Demand Sensible Gun Laws: Giant

Human Peace Sign and drone, table & postcards

Jun.16 Gay Pride Parade Jun.17 Pride Quaker table

Seventh Month-July, 2017

July 20 LWV silent auction, interactive art

installation and postcard writing campaign

Ninth Month - September, 2017

Sept.30 Quarterly Gathering with Laughter Yoga

 Tenth Month - October, 2017

Oct. 15 Gulfport Family Day table: Mask-making and Family Tree of all Life

Oct.14, 21, 28 Nov.4  Tables at Sat. Morning Market

advertising Circus McGurkis, selling

Circus T-Shirts, buttons and bumper stickers

Eleventh Month November, 2017

Nov. 11  Circus McGurkis the People’s Peace and Justice Fair

Twelfth Month - December, 2017

Dec. 3 and 4 Wreath Making Workshop and Sale