850 34th Street So., ST. PETERSBURG FL 33711


Vendor registration

Registration Deadline is extended to Oct. 10th

FEES: There are no fees for any of the booths, except for food vendors, who will be invited by the Circus Committee. 

Food Vendors should make their $100 payment in cash or by check at the Circus McGurkis registration table on Oct. 20th , the  day of the Fair. Checks should be made out to St Petersburg Friends with Circus McGurkis written into the “for “ line at the bottom of the check . (Donations from all other vendors will be gratefully accepted.)

All non-food vendors must be paired with a non-profit group and all sales items as far as possible must be made by hand, using sustainable or up-cycled materials, be made locally, or come from a reputable fair trade organization.

Vendors must contribute a minimum of 20% of their sales to the non-profit with whom they pair.


All vendor spaces are 10’x10’ and will be adjacent to the service, advocacy or non-profit group with whom they are pairing. The nonprofit group may also sell merchandise that complies with the Circus requirements.

If you are a vendor and have a specific advocacy group you would like to support, please encourage your favorite cause to have a booth. If not, Circus McGurkis will help you find one of the non-profit groups already registered who would like to pair. Just ask--we will work with you. We are flexible!

All sales items, as far as possible, must be made by hand using sustainable or upcycled materials, be made locally, or come from a reputable fair trade organization.

In addition to arts and crafts,
you may also vend (or give
away) literature and
books, plants and fresh
vegetables, garden art, herbal potions and soaps,
gems and minerals, jewelry,
clothing, artwork or services
(health screenings,
massage, readings, etc.) 

Circus is not a flea

If you offer
something not listed,
please check by E-mail.

“The School Board of Pinellas County, FL is neither sponsoring nor affiliated with this event. “

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