Gibbs High School

850 34th Street S.

St. Petersburg, FL 33711


Sponsorship and Donations

Circus McGurkis needs your support!

We deliberately keep our financial needs low on the food chain, borrow and beg as much as we can, but we still need cash for renting the space, fliers, printing T-shirts, art supplies, etc.

Have you ever considered

• Fairy Godmother of
the Children’s Art Table,

• Benevolent Shade King of the Stage Sails or the Dedicated
Donor of the Embellished

• There are lots of
possibilities. If you like you can choose what to fund and your
ownas sobriquet as in “Light Hearted Lynn Carol the People’s

We list all sponsors on
Facebook, our website and the Circus McGurkis Program.
Please let us know how you might like to help and one of
our representatives will contact you.

“The School Board of Pinellas County, FL is neither sponsoring nor affiliated with this event. “


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